Oman hosting secret talks between Syrian regime and opposition

17 December 2013

Rai al-Youm has learned from senior Gulf diplomats that Oman is currently hosting secret talks
between Syrian regime officials and representatives of some Syrian
factions, under the auspices of the United States.

The talks aim to reach an understanding on the transitional phase, which will be the backbone of
the talks at the Geneva II conference.

The sources added that the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s delegation arrived in Muscat without prior

In the meantime, a delegation from the opposition also arrived in Muscat.

The opposition’s delegation includes ‘independent’ members.

The delegations of the two parties stayed in a hotel in Muscat, keeping a low profile.

It is noteworthy that Oman had earlier hosted secret talks between Iran and the United States – talks that paved
the way for the nuclear deal between Iran and the six major powers.

It is worth noting that Oman assumed an almost neutral stance on the Syrian crisis, and walked out of Friends of Syria meetings after the conflict turned into military confrontations.

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