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26th November 2013 (no comments)


If we want to determine whether the deal made between the P5+1 world powers and Iran concerning Tehran’s nuclear ambitions is good or bad, we must examine the initial reaction of Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

Saudi officials do not usually give an immediate reaction to political events; they prefer to see which way the wind blows. However, they are unlikely to be happy about this agreement, which will have come as a shock to them because they have been preparing over the past four years for a war with Iran, which is at the top of their list of enemies.

24th November 2013 (no comments)

By Abdel Bari Atwan

In considering the relative virtues of the agreement reached on Sunday between the six major nations and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, we should first examine the initial responses to this development in Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

Saudi officials do not usually respond quickly to political events, preferring to wait and consider the ramifications; however, this agreement, and American rapprochement with Iran, has come as a shock to the Kingdom and it fears the new deal with Iran will be at its expense diplomatically.

22nd November 2013 (one comments)

By Abdel Bari Atwan

While it is true that we expected the Syrian conflict to spill over into neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and, to a lesser degree, to Turkey, we did not anticipate recent developments which suggest a sectarian attack by foreign elements on Saudi Arabian territories.

Through the course of the Syrian conflict, Saudi Arabia and Iran have become increasingly involved in a sectarian proxy war which has also incorporated non-conventional sectarian forces such as Hezbollah and Sunni jihadi groups.

21st November 2013 (no comments)

Abdel Bari Atwan

A little more than a year ago, on Wednesday, 10 October 2012, Turkish fighter jets intercepted a Syrian passenger plane it suspected of carrying weapons, and forced it to land at Ankara airport. Although the plane was subsequently allowed to continue its journey, the incident angered Moscow and her Caesar, Vladimir Putin, putting strain on the two countries’ relationship.

Today, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, begins an official two-day state visit to St Petersburg and will attend a Turkish-Russian High-level co-operation council.

20th November 2013 (one comments)

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Yesterday’s suicide bombings at the Iranian Embassy in the heart of Beirut should not come as a surprise. The Abdullah Azzam Brigades – who are affiliated to al-Qaeda – have claimed responsibility, firmly linking the attack to the war in Syria.

 Iran is the primary backer of the Assad regime, affording it weapons, arms and finance. Without the support of Tehran, Assad would not have endured for so long.

 Why Beirut? Because Hezbollah has played a crucial military role on the ground, joining Assad’s troops in his campaign against the rebels.

19th November 2013 (no comments)

Abdel Bari Atwan

 The assassination of Colonel Mohammad Mabrouk, a senior national security officer, as he left his home in the Nasr City suburb of Cairo, suggests that the violence currently tearing Egypt apart is spiralling to unprecedented heights.

The main problem in Egypt today is the absence of political dialogue and national reconciliation; the resulting vacuum is readily filled extremist groups who prefer the language of violence and  terrorism.

Meanwhile an investigation into the attempted murder of Interior Minister,  General Mohammed Ibrahim, has revealed that the suicide bomber who drove the car which exploded next to his convoy was a former Egytpian army Major Waleed Badr.

18th November 2013 (no comments)

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Writing about Libya these days is a difficult and unhappy task, especially for people like me who resisted the idea of a NATO intervention in the sovereign affairs of another country from the outset, and refused to be part of the all-singing all-dancing squadron of scholars and military analysts, backed by giant Arab and western media machines, who took part in one of the biggest disinformation campaigns the region has ever known.

Following the downfall of Ghaddafi, if I wrote that there was a shortage of water in Tripoli, I was immediately branded a supporter of the dictatorship; if I mentioned the stinking mountains of garbage that pollute the capital and other cities, and threaten to cause epidemics, I was told that I wanted the return of the dictator and his sons and that I was their paid servant.

16th November 2013 (no comments)

AFP 25 November 2013
Abdel Bari Atwan

I knew PLO chairman and Palestinian Authority president Yasser Arafat very well and considered him a friend. I travelled with Arafat on several occasions, including a remarkable 1990 visit to India. Arafat loved India and seemed to be very popular in this country; in Calcutta, he addressed a huge crowd at the Net­aji Indoor Stadium before taking me with him to the Motijheel slum, where we were greeted by Mother Teresa. Arafat spent several hours in deep conversation with her and told me later that she was one of the persons he admired.

12th November 2013 (no comments)

 Abdel Bari Atwan

Whatever disadvantages may accompany the imminent agreement between the six powers and Iran on its nuclear ambitions, the deal represents a great diplomatic achievement. In addition, the tension the deal has generated between the US and Israel is an advantage for the Palestinians at a time when our fellow Arabs seem to have completely forgotten about the Israel occupation of our lands with some nations even agreeing to ‘normalize’ relations with the Zionist state.

11th November 2013 (no comments)

We are surprised by the silence of the Palestine Authority (PA) on the newly confirmed murder of  PLO leader President Yasser and by the fact that they are willing to continue with Peace process negotiations, especially given the additional problem that Israeli  settlement activity continues at an unprecedented rate…

There are three countries in the world that possess the type of radioactive polonium used to assassinate the Palestinian president Yasser Arafat: the United States, Russia and Israel.

الأسد يكشِف لأوّل مرّة أسرارًا جديدةً عن الأسباب الحقيقيّة للأزَمة السوريّة.. ما هي؟ ولماذا حرَص على نسف نظريّة خط أنابيب الغاز القطري المُنافس للروسي الآن؟ وما هي المعلومات التي أماط عنها اللّثام حول السّرقة الأمريكيّة للنّفط السوري؟
عودة الباقورة والغمر إلى السّيادة الأردنيّة.. ورَفع العلم فوق تُرابهما الوطنيّ تعكِس تَحوّلًا “مُتدحرجًا” نحو مُواجهة الضّغوط والغطرسة الإسرائيليّتين.. هل سيكون إلغاء صفقة الغاز الفِلسطيني المسروق هي الخطوة القادمة؟
لماذا اجتمع مجلس الحرب الإسرائيلي مرتين الأسبوع الماضي لمناقشة سيناريو الرعب الإيراني؟ هل سيكون نتنياهو “المأزوم” من يوجه الضربة الأولى؟ وكيف سيكون الرد الذي لن تستطيع القبة الحديدية مواجهته؟ وما هي الأسباب التي دفعت ايران لإبعاد الجاسوسة “النووية” وسحب اعتمادها؟
السلطان قابوس يستقبل خالد بن سلمان في بيت البركة
السيد نصر الله: الجبهة اليمنية باتت تمتلك أسلحة مطورة جدًا من صواريخ ومسيّرات تحدت بها كل العالم وحققت انتصارات أقرب إلى المعجزات آخرها عملية ضد الجيش السعودي في نجران وتحذير عبد المالك الحوثي للكيان الاسرائيلي مهم جدًا.. أميركا تعمل على تعميق مأزق لبنان الاقتصادي.. والحرب الامريكية ضد ايران فشلت
صحف مصرية: أصالة في حوار مثير: يائسة من العودة لسورية ولكن.. وأعدائي أراهم بلا طعم وأحب أن أضحك وأنا في قمة حزني! مأساة نوال السعداوي! من يحقن الدماء في العراق؟!
الغارديان: عزل ترامب: الديمقراطيون يقررون أن الشاهد لن يدلي بشهادته في جلسة علنية
الفاينانشيال تايمز: أرامكو السعودية تترك المستثمرين وسط التكهنات
الإندبندنت: كيف تسيطر الميليشيات المدعومة من إيران على العراق
غازيتا رو: “هناك دائما ربيع عربي”: كيف عمت الاحتجاجات لبنان؟
أحمد زكي: دراسة في الحراك اللبناني و سيناريوهات متوقعة
العميد أحمد عيسى: مسارات تطور الصراع الفلسطيني الإسرائيلي  كما تبدو في مقترحات أيزنكوت وسيبوني لإستراتيجية الأمن القومي الجديدة في إسرائيل
د. هشام البواب: هل اللغة الإنجليزية هي لغة العلوم؟
تحقيق تقنيات جديدة تعيد جدار برلين إلى الحياة
لعمامرة: 2020 عام “إسكات البنادق” بالقارة السمراء
محمد النوباني: الانقلاب في بوليفيا والعين على فنزويلا
د. بسام روبين: هل بدأ التحقيق مع الفاسدين في الأردن؟ لن اصدق!
جهاد طمليه: عرفات الذي يضىء قبساً من طيفه عالمنا المعتم
 المهندس باهر يعيش: شقيقتانا: “الباقورة والغمق”: نهنّئكم و…تذكّرونا
أمجد إسماعيل الآغا: تجليات الصراع الروسي الأمريكي في آسيا الوسطى
عيسى محمد المساوى: سيد اليمن: ما الذي يمتلكه ليهدد اسرائيل ويخاطب أمته الإسلامية؟
صالح الطروانه: الباقوره والغمر لنا
أحمد الخالد: كيف سيذكر التأريخ دور روسيا في تسوية الصراع السوري؟
رأي اليوم