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28th January 2014 (no comments)

 Abdel Bari Atwan

 I am not alone, I think, in being surprised that negotiations at the Geneva 2 conference have continued despite the wide gap between the parties and the failure, to date, to reach agreement on a single point, either on the logisitics of humanitarian relief or the more complicated political issues.

It is clear that both the parties have adopted a strategy which sees them remaining in Geneva until the very last moment so as not to bear the consequences of the withdrawal before the international community.

26th January 2014 (no comments)

Abdel Bari Atwan

In three weeks time, the people of Libya are supposed to come to the streets and public squares in their hundreds of thousands to dance with joy on the occasion of the third anniversary of the revolution.

Three years ago, the corrupt, dictatorial rule of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was toppled, this is true, but life in Libya today is far from joyful. It is, rather, terrifyingly violent and laced with insecurity. There is virtually no central state anymore to maintain control and security and only chaos thrives, along with enmity and conflict provoked by sectarian, tribal and regional divisions.

22nd January 2014 (no comments)

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The Geneva 2 conference on Syria began on Wednesday morning although to my eyes and ears, it appeared more like a Sunday morning at London’s famous Hyde Park corner where anybody can set up their soap box and talk at length, with extravagant gestures and tone, on whatever subject takes their fancy.

All eyes were on the two official Syrian delegations and their supporting national parties: America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar stood with the official Syrian National Coalition (SNC) opposition delegation, and Russia with the representatives of the Assad regime.

20th January 2014 (no comments)

 Abdel Bari Atwan

 I would like to be optimistic about the forthcoming Geneva 2 conference on Syria but the possibility of a political solution to the crisis seems as far away as ever as gaps between the parties widen and diplomatic crises escalate.

Two important developments occurred in the past 24 hours which may have squandered the seeds of hope that were planted during preparations for Wednesday’s conference.

* 1: Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, after a period of indecision, invited Iran to participate in the Conference and did not insist that it accept any preconditions.

15th January 2014 (no comments)

Abdel Bari Atwan

With just one week to go before the planned  Geneva Conference 2, which aims to broker a political end to the bloody civil war, Turkish President, Abdullah Gül, surprised commentators with a call to ‘recalibrate’ his country’s stance on Syria. Clearly, the Turkish regime is increasingly resigned to the fact that Syrian President Assad is not about to fall.

Along with Saudi Arabia, Turkey has been the most vociferous critic of President Assad and has supported the opposition, hosting its exiled leadership and arming and funding its fighters.

13th January 2014 (one comments)

Abdel Bari Atwan

The eleven remaining ‘Friends of Syria’ concluded their meeting in Paris on Monday with nothing new to say or do. The final communique was simply a repetition of its predecessors.

How can we interpret the ‘news’ that the Friends’ consensus, ‘underlines the need for the participation of the Syrian opposition at the Geneva Conference to be held on the 22nd of this month’. We are still no nearer establishing what the ‘opposition’ consists of.

13th January 2014 (one comments)

Abdel Bari Atwan

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, effectively the leader of Egypt has never mentioned President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria since the military coup ousted Egypt’s elected President Mohammed Morsi. The subject has been entirely avoided and nor does al-Sisi allow his chief of staff to address the Syrian crisis, either  negatively or positively.

Perhaps al-Sisi senses a common denominator between himself and his Syrian counterpart: both say they are ‘ready’ for the Presidency if the people request it.

10th January 2014 (no comments)

The former Israeli premier — who is clinging to life after his condition took a turn for the worse — hated Arafat. And his atrocities transformed 
the way the rest of the world viewed Israel — allowing glimpses of the pariah state it has now become

  • By Abdel Bari Atwan | Special to Gulf News
  • Published: 16:00 January 9, 2014
  • Gulf News


I do not imagine that many Palestinians will mourn the passing of Ariel Sharon.

His military and political activities were largely devoted to removing the Palestinian ‘problem’ by any means possible and his later years were dominated by an enduring hatred for his nemesis, Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) leader, Yasser Arafat.

8th January 2014 (3 comments)

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The most striking development in Syria over the past few days has been the role of al-Nusra – which officially declared allegiance to al-Qaeda and its leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri – as mediator between the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the other rebel factions which are battling to root it out. ISIS is itself an offshoot of the al-Qaeda network but al-Nusra has sometimes joined the other factions to fight it.

Al-Nusra has been categorized as a ‘terror group’ by the US and its Gulf allies but the current fluidity of the situation makes the group temporarily useful to the super-powers (US and Russia) and regional actors, in their fight against al-Qaeda in both Syria and Iraq.

7th January 2014 (one comments)

The situation in Syria has been completely transformed by the unanticipated vigour with which al-Qaeda has entered the fray and turned everything upside down. Now, anything might happen and the only thing that is certain is the escalation of bloodletting on all sides and the continued misery of the victims of this horrific war.

From one perspective, only a miracle will salvage the situation. That miracle would be the unification of all the other factions and brigades in Syria (even temporarily) to declare war on the Islamic State of Iraq and Shams (ISIS) and other al-Qaeda-linked groups in order to weed them out, without mercy or pity, as soon as possible.

ماذا كشَف لنا مُتحدّث عسكري حوثي من معلوماتٍ خطيرةٍ حول هُجوم المُسيّرات على تجمّع بقيق النّفطي السعودي؟ وما هي الرسالة الحقيقيّة التي أراد الهُجوم إيصالها؟ وهل سينتقم ترامب بضرب أهداف إيرانيّة انتصارًا لحليفه السعودي؟ وما هو تفسير الحوثيين بعدم شن أيّ هجَمات في العُمق الإماراتي؟
تونس وتسونامي “المُفاجآت” الانتخابيّة.. مُرشّحٌ مُتقشّفٌ يتحدّث بالعربيّة الفُصحى يرفُض التطبيع وآخر يقبع خلف القُضبان يتصدّران السباق إلى قصر قرطاج.. ما أسباب هذا التحوّل المُفاجئ؟ وهل السّر في الانحياز للفُقراء والتمرّد على القِطط السياسيّة السّمان؟ ولماذا نعتقد أنّ المُفاجآة الأكبر ستكون في الانتخابات التشريعيّة القادمة؟
ماذا يعني الهجوم على مركز أعصاب الصناعة النفطية السعودية بالطائرات الحوثية المسيرة؟ اين ترامب وملياراته التي ابتزها تحت عنوان الحماية؟ اين صواريخ “الباتريوت”؟ كيف غير “انصار الله” المعادلات العسكرية؟ وما هو مصير شركة أرامكو؟
بوتين يقترح على السعودية بيعها صواريخ بعد تعرضها لهجمات الحوثيين
مصر: النظام يكشر عن أنيابه بعد الجولة الأولى بين محمد علي والسيسي.. اعتقال ناشط عمالي شهير وتهديدات أمنية لأستاذ الفلسفة المرموق حسن حنفي وممدوح حمزة يلزم الصمت لأجل غير مسمى.. بكري يذود عن حياض “الجيش”.. هل تستمر سياسة العصا الغليظة لاحتواء الأمر أم يتم تغيير قواعد اللعبة؟ 
وول ستريت جورنال: مسؤولون سعوديون يفكرون بتأجيل اكتتاب “أرامكو” عقب الهجوم على منشأت نفطية
صحيفة الدياريو الإسبانية: العالم يكتشف عجز السعودية عن حماية صناعتها النفطية
صحف مصرية: هل أخطأ السيسي في الرد على محمد علي؟ عقل يعلق: من أغلق الباب على عتريس هو من أخلص رجاله! بعد هجوم “المشير” عليها: ثورة يناير في مرمى الكتاب! “زوبعة صلاح ومانيه سحابة صيف!
الغارديان: التوصل إلى اتفاق سلام مع إيران غير محتمل
فاينانشال تايمز: أكبر تهديد للنفط منذ حرب الخليج الأولى
عمر نجيب: الصدمات في أسواق النفط تهدد بأزمة اقتصادية عالمية أخطر من كارثة 2008هجوم بقيق وخريص… عندما تتلبد السماء تكفي شرارة برق واحدة لبدء العاصفة
الدكتور حسين عمر توقه: مخطط برنارد لويس في تفتيت العالم العربي والإسلامي: السعودية ثلاث دول.. ومصر اربع.. ولبنان ثماني.. واختفاء الاردن
الدكتور ميثاق بيات ألضيفي: الحقيقة الخفية… للأزمات البيئية !!!
نواف الزرو: الاغوار في الاستراتيجية الصهيونية: من ألون الى نتنياهو…!الخطة تحظى بالاجماع السياسي الاسرائيلي و تبتلع القدس والخليل والاغوار حتى النهر…!
لمحة شخصية قيس سعيد رجل القانون الفصيح في اللغة العربية يفاجئ الطبقة السياسية في تونس
 تيسير خالد: كلمات حزن في الذكرى السابعة والثلاثين للجريمة في صبرا وشاتيلا
د. بسام سعيد: هل نمتلك الشجاعة للانتصار على الذات؟
ياسر رافع: الطائرات المسيرة.. واقع عسكرى وإقتصادى وسياسى جديد
المهندس باهر يعيش: أيّها السّادة: وما الفرق بين الضّمّ والإحتلال!!
د. محمود البازي: السعودية غارقة في المستنقع اليمني وترفض الخروج منه سالمة.. التحديات السياسية والإقتصادية قراءة مختلفة للمشهد السعودي بعد الهجمات الحوثية
ابراهيم محمد الهنقاري: ليبيا.. ومجلس الامن الدولي.. الان استبانت الضلالة
المهندس خالد الشحام: المسيرات صبحا والجاريات يسرا… معجزات العالم الجديدة!
أمجد إسماعيل الآغا: قمة أنقرة والسيناريوهات السورية.. أستانا وفشل المسارات السياسية
رأي اليوم