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27th December 2018 (no comments)

Why Arab regimes are trying to mend fences with Syria

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Syria is very much in the headlines these days. Not only because it is the only Arab country being actively targeted by Israel, at a time when Gulf states are normalising relations with Tel Aviv, but also because of the way Arab and Gulf states have started making pilgrimages to its capital Damascus. The queue of supplicants at its gate, requesting the restoration of relations to their pre-’revolution’ norm, can be expected to lengthen.

24th December 2018 (one comments)

External parties are using their local proxies to block the formation of any government

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Lebanon is experiencing an uncharacteristically un-festive Christmas holiday season, with thousands of demonstrators gathering in central Beirut and other cities to protest about the country’s economic condition and the thwarting of efforts to form a government — after it had seemed that agreement on a cabinet line-up, which would have been an invaluable gift for the new year, was imminent.

20th December 2018 (2 comments)

Why is the US withdrawing its forces from the country?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

There is a military rule that says: if you are facing defeat and want to cut your losses, the shortest way out is to declare victory and promptly retreat.

US President Donald Trump may not be familiar this dictum, as his expertise is confined to business deals and property brokering. But some of his advisors are most definitely aware of it, as they are of the facts on the ground on the battlefronts where US forces are deployed, especially in the Middle East.

17th December 2018 (no comments)

How serious is Turkey’s threat to launch a military assault northeast of the Euphrates?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Turkish Foreign Minister Melut Cavusoglu surprised his audience and raised many questions when he announced on Sunday that his country might be prepared to deal with Syrian President Bashar al-Asad if he were to be re-elected in an internationally-supervised democratic vote. Speaking at the Doha Forum, where he was a prominent participant, he declared: “there must be a transparent democratic process, and ultimately it is the Syrian people who will decide who will govern their country after the elections.”

Opinion is divided about this calculated statement and the fact that it was, apparently deliberately, made in Doha.

16th December 2018 (no comments)

In the West Bank too, Palestinians are showing they won’t surrender to occupation

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The recent escalation of armed resistance operations in the occupied West Bank — resulting in the death of three Israeli settlers and the wounding of at least ten others – make a plain point. While Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been presenting himself to some Arab governments as able to protect them, offering them his security expertise to safeguard their thrones and suppress popular uprisings against them, he is unable to protect and safeguard his own settlers.

11th December 2018 (no comments)

The Gulf regional grouping is being sent the way of the Arab League

By Abdelbari Atwan

Far more important than the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit — which convened for just a few hours in Riyadh on Sunday — and the ‘poetic’ closing statement it issued, were the remarks made by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir after the meeting concluded. Specifically, his revelation that the GCC states and Egypt and Jordan are actively engaged in discussions with the US on new regional security arrangements aimed at confronting external aggression – meaning Iran.

5th December 2018 (no comments)

The Israeli leader could be planning a military adventure to offset his domestic difficulties?

By Abdelbari Atwan

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s unexpected flight to Brussels on Monday to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was attending a NATO meeting there, was reminiscent of a similar meeting: the one his predecessor Ehud Olmert paid to Washington to consult with US officials shortly before he bombed the alleged Syrian nuclear reactor near Deir az-Zour in 2007.

3rd December 2018 (no comments)

The G-20 summit has demonstrated that money outweighs morals in international relations 

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The G-20 summit in Buenos Aires was a key test for Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Salman. It was his first appearance at such a high-level international forum, surrounded by world’s top leaders, since the assassination of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi at his country’s consulate in Istanbul two months ago – a murder he is widely accused of knowing about and ordering.

Opinions are divided about how Bin-Salman fared at the summit and the attitude of other world leaders towards him.

25th November 2018 (no comments)

The Saudi crown prince is trying to signal it’s business-as-usual. But it may not be

By Abdelbari Atwan

We do not know precisely which advisors continue to surround Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad in-Salman, after several of them were sacked or side-lined for being implicated in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. What we do know is that they probably gave him the wrong advice when they counselled him to embark on the foreign tour he began on Thursday in the UAE. The trip is supposed to include Bahrain and Egypt followed by Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania, before concluding in Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital where he is to attend the G-20 Summit.

22nd November 2018 (2 comments)

The days when Israel could assassinate Palestinian resistance leaders at will are over

By Abdelbari Atwan

The name of Yahya as-Sinwar, Hamas’ leader in the Gaza Strip, has turned into a nightmare for Israeli leaders and public alike. There are several reasons for this, including his organisational skills, his turning of the Gaza Strip into another South Lebanon-style hotbed of resistance, and his addressing Arab Gulf rulers normalising relations with Israel in a tone they have not heard for thirty years.

‏هل مُوافقة السعوديّة ودُول خليجيّة على انتشار قوّات وسُفن أمريكيّة على أراضيها وفي مِياهها إعلانٌ وشيكٌ عن قُرب الحرب.. أم في إطار ترهيب إيران لجرّها إلى المُفاوضات؟ وما هي العِبارة التي لا يفهمها ترامب قد تُؤدّي لهزيمته؟
ما علاقة تطوّرات إدلب بقرار أردوغان المُفاجئ بالمُضي قُدمًا في صفقة صواريخ “إس 400” الروسيّة؟ وهل كانت تصريحات الأسد حول لقاء تركي سوري “زلّة لسان” فِعلًا؟
ما هي قصة الزوارق الخشبية التي نصب عليها الإيرانيون صواريخ ارعبت ترامب؟ وهل يقدم السويسريون السلم له للنزول عن شجرة الازمة؟ وما هو الخطأ الأكبر الذي ارتكبه وسيندم عليه؟ ولماذا يجب ان يدفع الامريكيون للعراقيين ثمن حماية قواتهم؟ وما هو تفسير صمت نصر الله؟
قطر: لم نتلق دعوة لحضور القمتين الخليجية والعربية الطارئتين وتصريحات الجبير للاستهلاك الإعلامي ولا تستحق الرد
هل بدأ موسم الحجّ العربي إلى الكويت؟.. الدولة الخليجية تحولت لمركز بديل للتنسيق المشترك قبيل “مؤتمر مكة”: عاهل الأردن يزورها الاثنين بينما يعود منها أمير قطر واحتمال لقائهما ممكن.. “صفقة القرن” على جدول الاعمال بالإضافة للتوترات مع ايران.. ودعوات الملك سلمان تزيد منسوب القلق..
صحف مصرية: عبارة “عمرو موسى” الشهيرة عن “إيران”! أمريكا تكشف أولى خطوات صفقة القرن.. ما هي؟ انتحار شاب تحت عجلات مترو “رمسيس”! أحمد عمر هاشم: زيارة أضرحة آل البيت لا مانع فيها بالإجماع
دايلي إكسبرس: بريطانيا ترسل قوات خاصة لمواجهة تهديدات إيران… ووزارة الدفاع ترفض التعليق
التايمز:  20 ساعة عمل في مصر لشراء كيلو لحم.. والفقراء يفطرون في رمضان على بقايا الأطعمة المتعفنة
آي: جونسون ورئاسة الوزراء
صحيفة لاانفورماثيون: لماذا خفّض الرئيس مادورو من حدّة لهجته وقَبِلَ التفاوض مع غوايدو؟
باحث أمريكي: خطة كوشنر للسلام تعنى لا حل دولتين لإسرائيل وفلسطين…واسرائيل ستواصل العيش بالسيف
ماذا وراء سعي حفتر لوقف إطلاق النار في طرابلس
الدكتور حسين عمر توقه: المبادىء التي اعتمدتها الإستراتيجية الإسرائيلية في تحقيق وجودها
وسط غضب في صفوف مناوئيه.. أمين عام حزب الاصالة والمعاصرة المغربي ينقلب على نتائج انتخاب خصمه لرئاسة اللجنة التحضيرية وينسحب من الاجتماع.. والأخيرة تطالبه بالانصياع للنتائج.. وضبابية تخيم على مستقبل الحزب خوفا من انسحاب جماعي وانشقاقات
السعودية ترى في توترات الخليج فرصة لتأكيد ريادتها على حساب إيران
أمل الحارثي: عن رسالة الطبيبة الأردنيّة
بكر السباتين: قدرة حماس العسكرية وتوازن الرعب في تغيير قواعد الاشتباك.. وما علاقة “البنتكوين” بإيصال الدعم إلى حماس؟
د. عبد الحميد فجر سلوم: تعليقا على الكلمة التوجيهية الأخيرة للسيد الرئيس بشار الأسد أمام الحكومة .. مع التحية لكل مسؤول يعيش مشاعر المواطنين كما يفعل الدكتور المقداد
د. حبيب حسن اللولب: مخاض تأسيس دولة المواطنة في المنطقة العربية والمغاربية
واثق الجابري: مراحيض اليابان ومؤسساتنا العراقية
د. صالح محروس محمد: وساطة عُمان قبل حرب عربية إيرانية وشيكة
محمد أبو مهادي: لن يقف الحد عند قرار البوندستاغ بتحريم المقاطعة واسألوا السفارات الفلسطينية ماذا تفعل
سارة السهيل: الازمة الاقتصادية تمثل خطورة على قيم الطفل العربي
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