17th Jan 2020


27th August 2019 (one comments)

Netanyahu may come to regret breaking the rules of engagement in Lebanon

By Abdel Bari Atwan

There can be no doubting that Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah will make good on his pledge to retaliate for the recent Israeli drone raid against South Beirut. The only question is how and when, and what the repercussions will be.

Israel’s leaders are well aware of this, and despite their outward bravado are bracing themselves for the impending retaliatory strike, placing their forces on maximum alert.

16th August 2019 (no comments)

Trump loses another opening round in his war on Iran

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The release of the Iranian tanker Grace Ithat was detained last month by the Gibraltar authorities is a victory for Iran, and a vindication of the tough, resolute and shrewd way it has managed the crisis since it began. By the same token, it is a defeat for the US, which tried to prevent the move and get the vessel impounded but ended up being snubbed and ignored by its closest ally.

When US National Security Advisor John Bolton was in London this week, he met with the new prime minister, Boris Johnson, and pressed hard for the tanker’s release to be blocked to avoid embarrassing President Donald Trump and his administration.

9th August 2019 (one comments)

Riyadh is losing the war, and rapidly running out of options

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The Wall Street Journalreported this week that the Saudi leadership is considering a radical rethink of its policy in Yemen. The paper, which has access to Crown Prince Muhammad Bin-Salman’s circle, quoted a Saudi official as saying his government is mulling ‘proposals’ to start direct negotiations with the Houthi Ansarallah movement as it does not want to be dragged into a costly long-term war in Yemen.

9th August 2019 (one comments)

The last thing Saudi Arabia and its partners need is Israeli ‘protection’

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The inclusion of Israel in the regional alliance being formed by the US to supposedly protect shipping in the Gulf and Strait of Hormuz signals a great leap forward in the creeping process of normalisation between Israel and most of the Arab Gulf states.

Israel is not a littoral state of the Gulf and does no maritime trade there. Nor is it a big naval power which can add any meaningful capacity to the hundreds of US, British and allied warships and support vessels that crowd the waterway.

1st August 2019 (no comments)

Is the UAE also getting cold feet about a showdown with Iran?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

There’s no end of surprises from the UAE these days. First, there was the series of reports indicating Abu Dhabi would withdraw or at least redeploy or reduce the number of, its troops in Yemen. Then on Wednesday, we learned a high-level Emirati security delegation was visiting Tehran, amid other signs the UAE was trying to woo the country that, until very recently, it was demonised as the arch-enemy and cause of all the region’s troubles.

28th July 2019 (one comments)

The Saudis may be having second thoughts about a showdown with Iran

By Abdel Bari Atwan

As tensions mount in the Gulf and talk grows of an imminent (and possibly accidental) military showdown, a flirtation of sorts has been taking place between two of the principal antagonists: Iran and Saudi Arabia. It may be a mistake to read too much into their seeming change of behaviour, but it could be a pointer to how the crisis may unfold in future.

This apparent rapprochement was reflected in two recent developments.

25th July 2019 (one comments)

Arab regime efforts to court Israel face a growing public backlash

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Images of a Saudi ‘activist’ who visited the occupied Palestinian territories at the invitation of the Israeli foreign ministry, as part of a six-member delegation of Arab ‘journalists’, have gone viral on Arab social media. He was shown being taken on a walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque compound by his Israeli minders. Wherever he went, he was cursed and insulted by local Palestinians, shoes and plastic chairs were thrown at him, and young children ran up to him and spat in his face.

21st July 2019 (one comments)

The US and its allies would be foolish to continue pushing Tehran to the brink

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The US and its Western allies who are busy flexing their muscles against Iran these days are making a serious error of judgement. They underestimate the power of Iran and its allies in the region, their likely reaction to the military and political provocations to which they are being subjected, and the potentially disastrous consequences of further escalation.

The current crisis over the detention of oil tankers is the prime example of this.

19th July 2019 (no comments)

A tactical redeployment is no substitute for a strategic re-think

By Abdel Bari Atwan

In 1993, fighters loyal to Somali warlord Muhammad Farrah Aideed downed two Black Hawk helicopters and killed 18 American servicemen in battles with US troops, prompting Washington to beat a retreat and withdraw all its forces from the country.

The US administration tried at the time to implicate Iran in the incident, and to rally Gulf and other Arab states against it. But UAE President Sheikh Zayed bin-Sultan categorically refused to enter into a political, military or propaganda confrontation with the country.

13th July 2019 (no comments)

The breakdown in Ankara’s 70-year-old alliance with Washington could be irreparable

By Abdel Bari Atwan

By taking delivery of the first and second consignments of advanced S-400 air defense systems from Russia, the Turkish leadership may be severing its last remaining bonds to its 70-year-old strategic alliance with the United States of America — in favor of the foe this alliance was created to confront.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made up his mind. He refused to succumb to American pressure and threats, not to mention inducements, and went ahead with his decision to acquire these missiles, thus turning his back on Nato’s dominant power.

لا تسخروا من غباء ترامب وجَهلِه بل من غبائكم وهوانكم.. ترامب لا يعرف أنّ هُناك حُدودًا بين الهند والصين لكنّه يعرف أين تتكدّس أموالكم ليحلبها.. وقُدسكم ليضمّها.. لماذا لا يوجد بيننا “أحمق” واحد مِثل الرئيس الكوري الشمالي؟ وكيف نخشى أن يلحق الإيرانيّون بالعرب للأسَف؟
هل نشهد حَربًا تركيّةً يونانيّةً بالإنابة على أرض ليبيا؟ ولماذا قرّرت أثينا الاستجابة لطلب الجنرال حفتر بإرسال قوّات إلى طرابلس كردٍّ على خطوةٍ تركيّةٍ مُماثلة؟ هل سينقسم “الناتو” ونشهد تَورُّطًا للقِوى العُظمى؟
ما أعذب اللغة العربيّة على لسان خامنئي.. لماذا كرّر هنية سليماني شهيد القدس ثلاث مرّات؟ وهل هدّد ترامب بقصف إيران بالنووي فِعلًا؟ ومن حمَل التّهديد؟ وكيف تراجع عن أكاذيبه واعترف بجرحاه في ضربة “عين الأسد”؟
صورة القرار.. الخزانة البريطانية تصنف حزب الله اللبناني “منظمة إرهابية” وتجمد أصول عناصره بشكل كامل
قانون إلغاء “إتفاقية الغاز الاسرائيلي” “لا يعيقها” دستوريا وموقف مجلس النواب بدون “تأثير حقيقي” وأول مسيرة “جمعة”في الشارع الاردني بمشاركة نحو 2000 ناشط من بينهم عناصر في التيار الاسلامي
“دير شبيجل”: مفوض الشؤون الخارجية بالاتحاد الأوروبي لا يستبعد مهمة عسكرية أوروبية في ليبيا
صحف مصرية: رئيس تحرير الأهرام: نهاية أردوغان في ليبيا.. وحيد حامد: إذا استمر الحال على ما هو عليه فنحن إلى جهنم ذاهبون.. أزمات في حياة الراحلة ماجدة: النصب عليها بمبلغ 20 مليونا وابنتها طالبت بالحجر عليها!
نيزافيسيمايا غازيتا: طهران قد تصنع قنبلة نووية قبل نهاية العام الجاري
التايمز: لسيسي عرضة للانتقادات بعد موت مواطن أمريكي في أحد سجون القاهرة
موقع امريكي: تركيا تهدد “الدرع الصاروخي” لأمريكا بقرار اغلاقه
فؤاد الصباغ: الإقتصاد اللبناني.. حشيش القنب الهندي ثروة وطنية
د. تدمري عبد الوهاب: شمال افريقيا والشرق الاوسط : الولادة الجديدة للمنطقة والعالم.. سياقات منهجية
خلال جولتها بأمريكا: توما-سليمان تلتقي بعضو الكونغرس ألهان عمر وتؤكِّد: نساء قويات قادرات هنّ الإجابة الأفضل على ذكورية وعنصرية ترامب ونتنياهو
فتحي كليب: مرة اخرى.. وللفلسطينيين دور ايجابي في النهوض بالاقتصاد اللبناني
د. زهير الخويلدي: ما الذي يجعل من شخص عادي بطلا تاريخيا؟
سليم البطاينة: دهاء الغرب واسرائيل وسذاجة العرب
شاكر فريد حسن: يحاكمون الدكتور عادل سمارة
محمد عبدالرحمن عريف: ماذا عن عين الأسد العراقية؟
اشرف صالح: لماذا حماس تنكر وجود الهدنة!
الدكتور حسن مرهج: 2020 عام “التدخل” التركي في الشرق الأوسط.. ولكن كيف ستكون النتائج
محمد النوباني: في الذكرى 102 لميلاد عبد الناصر استهداف ايران استكمال لاستهداف التجربة الناصرية
مزهر جبر الساعدي: المشروع الامريكي الاسرائيلي لبلقنة العراق
د. باسم عثمان: هواجس ورهانات الرئيس عباس…في الاستحقاقات الفلسطينية