22nd Jul 2019


24th April 2019 (no comments)

There’s little to choose between the two sides battling for control of Tripoli

By Abdel Bari Atwan

There is only one explanation for the telephone call Donald Trump made last week to Khalifa Haftar. It means the US president has decided to adopt the self-styled Marshal as Libya’s new leader, and side fully with the Saudi-Egyptian-Emirati camp that has been backing him and his current assault aimed at taking the capital Tripoli from the rival Turkish/Qatari camp. This constitutes a grave development in the Libyan crisis, whose consequences we will witness in the coming few days and weeks.

15th April 2019 (no comments)

Are the US and its Gulf allies manipulating the new Military Council?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Observers of fast-moving developments in Sudan are still struggling to understand why Gen. Awad Ibn-Auf resigned as head of the new ruling Military Council just one day after he assumed the post, or rather relinquished it to another general, Abdelffatah Burhan.

There can be no doubt that the army’s overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir was a reaction to the popular protests sweeping the country and not an act of benevolence by the military establishment.

7th April 2019 (no comments)

How real are the recent rows between Riyadh and Washington – or is it all about extorting money?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Three important developments in the Saudi-US relationship have raised many questions about the prospect of the two allies falling out. They also indicate that Saudi Arabia is set to face a fresh campaign of financial extortion from the Trump administration.

– First, the warning made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview on the CBS channel that his country will never allow Saudi Arabia to become a nuclear power that threatens America and Israel.

6th April 2019 (no comments)

Haftar’s assault on Tripoli is partly a reflection of regional rivalries

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The renewed warfare in Libya is not merely between the forces of the so-called Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Khalifa Haftar and those of the internationally recognised government headed by Fayez al-Sarraj. It is also between the al-Jazeera TV channel, representing the Qatari-Turkish alliance, and the al-Arabiya channel, which supports Haftar and speaks for the four-party anti-Qatar coalition consisting of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt as well as Bahrain.

27th March 2019 (one comments)

By recognising Israel’s annexation, the US is telling Syria it can only recover its occupied territory by force

By Abdelbari Atwan

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights did not come as a surprise. It was only to be expected given the shameful defeatism Arab regimes are displaying these days. Their failure to react forcefully or practically to Trump’s recognition of occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital removed any obstacle to his latest move.

24th March 2019 (no comments)

There are key differences between the current wave of protests and the 2011 uprisings

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The popular protests witnessed in the Arab world in recent months – in Algeria, Sudan, Jordan and the Gaza Strip – have been described as a ‘second wave’ of the so-called Arab Spring, or an amended version of it. That first wave began in Tunisia in 2011 and then swept into Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere. It succeeded in changing some regimes completely (Tunisia and Libya) and others partially (Egypt and Yemen), while failing in Syria.

19th March 2019 (no comments)

There is indeed a conspiracy to destabilize Gaza, but that’s no excuse to beat up protestors

By Abdel Bari Atwan

There can be no question that the Hamas movement has made mistakes in Gaza. It has run the Strip in a partisan and factional manner, appealing to its loyalists and alienating opponents of its rule or even neutrals. It has thereby created a long line of adversaries: It begins inside Gaza with local opponents from the Fateh movement and some radical Islamic groups that oppose pacification; passes through Ramallah where the Palestinian Authority (PA) wants to regain the Gaza Strip on its own terms, foremost of which is disarming the resistance; and ends in Tel Aviv where the Israeli occupation state is increasingly troubled by Gaza’s armed resistance, missiles and mass protest marches.

14th March 2019 (3 comments)

A process of change has begun, and the last thing Algerians need or want is foreign interference

By Abdel Bari Atwan

When French ‘philosopher’ Bernard-Henri Lévy calls on the Algerian people to hold further protests in order to bring down the regime in its entirety and declares that “the revolution is only halfway there”, we should be wary. Coming from the man known by some as ‘godfather’ of the Arab Spring revolutions, his appeal amounts to ‘non-innocent’ interference in Algerian domestic affairs and comes at a calculated moment.

4th March 2019 (no comments)

Signs of tension as Putin seeks to appease Netanyahu over Syria

By Abdelbari Atwan

Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised a lot of people, ourselves included, when he proposed on Sunday the formation of an ‘international mechanism’ to restore normalcy to Syria after the defeat of the Islamic State group (Daesh) is completed. This would entail the establishment of a ‘working group’ to ensure the withdrawal of foreign forces, make arrangements for the restoration of state sovereignty over all parts of the country, and maintain its territorial integrity.

3rd March 2019 (no comments)

With the collapse of Daesh, is al-Qaeda set to see a resurgence under the son of its founder?

By Abdelbari Atwan

With Syrian Kurdish forces poised to announce the defeat of the remaining cells of the Islamic State (Daesh) in their last redoubt in eastern Syria, the star is rising of Hamza Bin-Laden – ranked 15thon the list of the sons and daughters of Sheikh Usama Bin-Laden, who was assassinated in May 2011 when US Special Forces raided his home in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

In the past few days, the American media have been busily discussing Hamza’s  role in the ‘global jihadi movement’ and warning of the threat he poses as the person best placed to reunite its main components under his leadership – notably the remnants of Daesh, Hay’at Tahrir ash-Sham (the former Nusra Front), Ahrar ash-Sham, and similar groups that have been active in Syria.

بعد تدمير منازل سور باهر بالقدس.. وتفجير جماجم الأطفال.. يا أهل السّلطة في رام الله كُفّوا عن تهديداتكم التي باتت أضحوكةً.. إمّا أن تقولوا وتَفعلوا أو تصمِتوا.. أوصَلتم هيبة الشعب إلى الحضيض.. وليتكُم تتعلّمون من “حزب الله” والحوثيين في اليمن.. والطالبان في أفغانستان والصواريخ “العبثيّة في غزّة المُقاومة
سَببان رئيسيّان وراء مُوافقة السعوديّة على وجود قوّات أمريكيّة على أراضيها.. ما هُما؟ وهل الصّواريخ الباليستيّة اليمنيّة ودقّتها تقِف خلف صفَقة منظومة “ثاد” الصاروخيّة الدفاعيّة؟ ولماذا نعتقد أنّ أسطورة “الباتريوت” انهارت إلى غير رجعةٍ؟ وتركيا مُحقّة في شِراء “إس 400” الروسيّة؟
هل أسقطت أمريكا طائرةً إيرانيّةً فِعلًا؟ ولماذا نعتقد أنّ ترامب يكذِب؟ فأين الحُطام؟ وهل الرّسالة: طائرة مُسيّرة إيرانيّة مُقابل أمريكيّة وهيّا للمُفاوضات؟ التوتّر يتصاعد.. والحرب بدأت بالتّقسيط غير المُريح والحَلْب مُستمر
الوفاق الليبية: الإفراج الصحي عن البغدادي المحمودي “قانوني” و”مؤقت”
بعد خمسة أيام.. البنتاغون لا يقدم أي شريط حول إسقاط الطائرة المسيرة الإيرانية وقلق العسكريين الأمريكيين: إذا حلقت الطائرة فوق المدمرة بوكسر فهي قادرة على ضربها بصواريخ
بلومبيرغ: إيران تخزن نفطها في موانئ صينية
صحف مصرية: خامنئي على خطى صدام! مكرم: لا يوجد صحفي مسجون في قضايا رأي والجزيرة سقطت في مصر.. نقيصة ثورة يوليو.. العبارة التي قالتها هند رستم وأضحكت عبد الناصر أثناء عرض خاص لفيلم “رد قلبي”!
محاكمة رياض محرز وحفيظ دراجي… هكذا تفاعلت الصحف الجزائرية
التايمز: ترامب يواصل تهجمه على النائبات بهدف الحصول على أصوات الناخبين من ذوي البشرة البيضاء
ديلي تلغراف: الأزمة الإيرانية قد تدفع خلايا نائمة لشن هجمات إرهابية في بريطانيا
 متحف جديد في ويستربلات… السبب وراء الخلاف بين الحكومة البولندية وجدانسك
بيوت شهداء ومعتقلين فلسطينيين ترفع رايات النجاح الدراسي
عملية السلام الأفغانية.. الهند “قلقة” على مصالحها
الادعاء العام المغربي يأمر بفتح تحقيق في واقعة مصرع فتاة صحراوية “دهسا” بسيارة أمنية بمدينة العيون غداة احتفالات الأهالي بفوز المنتخب الجزائري.. ونائبة تنتقد “التهور الأمني” (فيديو)
الدكتور حسين عمر توقه: القيادة المركزية للولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
محمد النوباني: استعداء ايران كأحد اشكال توظيف الدين في خدمة اسرائيل
عمار الشرماني: بدموع أثقل من السموات وعرش الله تبكي نساء اليمن
عماد عفانة: الفلسطينيون في لبنان لاجئون أم فدائيون.!
يوسف شرقاوي: قوى الإستكبار العالمي وعلى رأسه امريكا: “تكلم تكلم عن ايران،فقد يعلق في الذهن شيئا”
صلاح السقلدي: الخيارات السعودية بعد توارد الانباء عن الانسحاب الاماراتي
سفيان بنحسن: صفقة القرن سترتد على عرابيها من حكام العرب.. إليكم ما حدث في صفقة القرن الماضي
محمود كامل الكومى: في ذكرى ثورة 23 يوليو الـ 67” دعاء الكروان”
جميل السلحوت: مذبحة البيوت في صور باهر
رأي اليوم