16th Apr 2021


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Abbas needs any excuse to call off elections that Hamas would probably win

By Abdel Bari Atwan

According to leaks to the Israeli press, among the subjects discussed in a phone call on Friday between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi was the Palestinian elections due to be held on 22 May. They reportedly agreed it would be preferable for the vote to be postponed or cancelled, because a win for Hamas is almost certain given the rifts within the Fateh movement which currently controls the Palestinian Authority (PA).

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A foreign plot to destabilise the kingdom… or an attempt to stifle domestic discontent?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

It is too early to tell whether Saturday’s detention of prominent Jordanians accused of conspiring to destabilise the country amounted to the thwarting of an attempted coup. It may be more accurate to describe the move as a pre-emptive strike aimed at safeguarding Jordan against Israeli and Gulf interference in its internal affairs, using local proxies, to weaken and sow divisions in the country.

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Prospective elections promise a long-overdue shake-up in Palestinian politics

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas may come to regret calling Palestinian legislative elections next month. As nominations closed, the omens were not looking good for his Fateh movement. The 36 candidate lists registered with the election commission – 13 of which have so far been approved – included three rival Fateh slates:

n The official Fateh candidate list head by Abbas’ number two Muhammad al-Aloul and including five other Fateh central committee members.

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While celebrating a resolution of the Suez Canal blockage crisis, Egyptian President Sissi has made his clearest threat to go to war over the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project


By Abdel Bari Atwan

Egyptian President Sissi has made his clearest threat so far that he will not idly stand by if Addis Ababa begins filling the Nile river Renaissance Dam reservoir in July without Egypt and Sudan’s agreement, notes the editor-in-chief of a pan-Arab news portal. His readiness to go to war has been backed by military moves on the ground, and he has the full support of his people and is riding high after solving the Suez Canal blockage without external help and resolving the Libyan crisis to Egypt’s satisfaction.

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25-year strategic agreement will make it harder for Washington to get its way in the Middle East

By Abdel Bari Atwan

US foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger offered the Biden administration valuable advice when he urged it to reach an understanding with China on a new global order to ensure stable relations and avoid military confrontation and chaos on a worldwide scale.

Speaking via Zoom at an event organised by a London-based thinktank, the former secretary of state warned: “If we don’t get to an understanding with China on that point then we will be in a pre-World War I-type situation in Europe, in which there are perennial conflicts that get solved on an immediate basis but one of them gets out of control at some point.”

He added that with both sides heavily equipped with hi-tech weaponry, “it is infinitely more dangerous now than it was then.”

Kissinger’s advice and warning may have come too late.

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Whether Netanyahu survives or not, the Arabs emerged as the biggest losers

By Abdel Bari Atwan

It may be too early to tell what will follow from Israel’s latest general elections and how its political system will be affected. But several points stand out from the deluge of analysis and opinion about the subject that may help predict what the future holds, both for Israel and the Arabs.

First: The failure of Israel’s ‘democracy’ and political system, for the fourth time in two years, to produce a stable government capable of leading the country during what politicians describe as existentially threatening times for the Zionist state.

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The worst may be over, but the road to recovery remains long and hard

By Abdel Bari Atwan

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the start of ‘the events’ in Syria. Some of the opposition and its supporters call it the revolution. Others a conspiracy aimed at destroying their country and tearing it apart, throttling its army and toppling its regime, just as in Iraq.

The leaked Hillary Clinton emails made clear the US was intent on manipulating the ‘Arab spring’ uprisings to get rid of regimes hostile to Israel, recruiting thousands of fighters and other operatives and weaponizing political Islam for the purpose.

11th March 2021 (no comments)

Is Turkey having a radical foreign policy re-think, or just playing for tactical advantage?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

Egyptian President Abdelfattah as-Sisi must be rubbing his hands in glee at the way top-level Turkish officials and close aides of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been wooing his country. This seems to signal the start of the restoration of normal relations between the two countries, especially with Turkey’s ally and partner Qatar working hard to mend fences and overcome differences with Cairo.

8th March 2021 (no comments)

Is the latest escalation a prelude to a deal, or a warning of worse to come?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

On Sunday, Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah launched a major drone and missile strike at the heart of the Saudi oil industry in Dhahran and Ras Tanura, site of a huge refinery and the world’s biggest oil export terminal.

According to Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarie, 14 drones and 8 ballistic missiles were deployed in the operation which also targeted Saudi Aramco facilities in Jazan, Asir and Dammam.

This amounts to a concerted assault on the oil industry that Saudi Arabia’s economy relies on, aimed at inflicting as much material and moral damage as possible on the country’s government.

1st March 2021 (no comments)

Is the Biden administration really turning its back on MBS, or just whipping him into line?

By Abdel Bari Atwan

The most noteworthy thing about the release of the US intelligence report into the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is that it was not accompanied by any sanctions against Crown Prince Muhammad Bin-Salman.

The publication of the report’s redacted summary was supposed to demonstrate the Biden administration’s commitment to upholding human rights and punishing violators and also to recalibrating the US’ relationship with the Saudi leadership.

بايدن يعترف بالهزيمة ويرفع رايات الاستِسلام في أفغانستان.. كيف انتَصر الشّعب الأفغاني على أمريكا في أطول حُروبها؟ وهل ستَدخُل قوّات طالبان كابول مع انسَحاب آخِر جُندي أمريكي مثلما دخل “الفيت كونغ” سايغون؟ وأينَ “الهزيمة” الأمريكيّة القادمة؟
لماذا تتسارع خطوات المُصالحة التركيّة القطريّة المِصريّة هذه الأيّام بعد تعثّر؟ وكيف تدفع “حركة الإخوان” ثمنها؟ وأين سيذهب نُجوم أذرعها وقنواتها الإعلاميّة في إسطنبول بعد إغلاق برامجهم السياسيّة؟ وما هي الدّروس المُستفادة؟
أزمَتان مُترابِطَتان: مِصر تَقِف على حافّة حرب الأكثر أهميّة وخُطورة مُنذ 8 آلاف عام.. القِيادة اتّخذت القرار والتّعبئة الشعبيّة بدأت لردّ الإهانة.. هل جرى وأد الفِتنة الهاشميّة؟ وكيف توحّد التّحالف الخليجي مع إسرائيل ضدّ الأردن؟ وما هُما الخطيئتان اللّتان ارتكبهما الملك عبد الله؟ وما السّبب الحقيقي لانفِجار الأزَمة؟
وزير مصري سابق ينتقد موافقة الحكومة على تطعيم نواب البرلمان قبل أبناء “الشعب” ويصفه بالسلوك المشين
 العاهل المغربي يطلق مشروع تعميم الحماية الاجتماعية.. والحكومة تصفه بأنه “ثورة اجتماعية حقيقية” تمكن ملايين المغاربة من تحسين معيشتهم وتعد بتعزيز الإمكانات والقدرات الطبية لمواجهة النقص في الكوادر الصحية التي يقتضيها نجاح هذا الإصلاح
ناشونال انترست: الدبابة الثقيلة “إي إس-3” سلاح خارق روسي لم تسمع به من قبل
إزفيستيا: إيران والوسطاء يبحثون عن طريقة لإنعاش الصفقة النووية
نيزافيسيمايا غازيتا: موسكو وواشنطن تبادلتا “آخر التحذيرات”
التلغراف: بايدن ينهي “الحرب الأبدية” الأمريكية.. لكن معركة أفغانستان مستمرة
ألكسندر نازاروف: دعوة بايدن.. هل هي نصر لبوتين أم حصان طروادة؟
نايف المصاروة: الوضع المائي الحرج.. وسوء إدارة الحكومة وشركاتها.. والدور الصهيوني الخبيث
نادية عصام حرحش: بيت سكاريا: قرية.. فخِلّة.. فشارع بمدينة بيت لحم 
د. منذر سليمان وجعفر الجعفري: واشنطن قد تخسر السّباق مع روسيا والصّين في صناعة صواريخ أسرع من الصوت
د. جمال الحمصي: النواميس المهجورة: علم السنن الربانية
هل تحولت كيم كارديشان إلى “مليارديرة” بفضل موقع “إنستجرام”؟
ربى يوسف شاهين: إيران واللعبة الامريكية الإسرائيلية
خالد صادق: رسالة حماس منقوصة يجب استكمالها حتى تكتمل الصورة ويتضح المشهد
زيد عيسى العتوم: سدّ للمياه أم سدّ لعقد التاريخ والجغرافيا!
د. أسماء عبدالوهاب الشهاري: ما بيننا وبينهم
المحجوب مسكة: بايدن وسياسة التغيير ومواجهة المحور الصيني الروسي
سفيان الجنيدي: الصراع الإيراني الصهيو- امريكي .. نهاية مرحلة ضبط النفس و بداية مرحلة المواجهة المباشرة
توفيق أبو شومر: اغتيال الفنون الجميلة في الدول الهزيلة!
اشرف صالح: التلميح بتأجيل الإنتخابات مرفوض
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