Egypt’s Bloody Chaos Amid Assassinations And IS Sinai Attacks

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Abdel Bari Atwan

Egypt is experiencing at first hand an Islamist insurgency as car bombs explode in the heart of Cairo, State Prosecutor General, Hisham Barakat is assassinated, and Islamic State fighters launch multiple attacks on military check-points and police targets in the Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 100.

Coming on the eve of the second anniversary of Egypt’s military coup which ousted the elected President Morsi on 30 June 2013, the assassination of Barakat

Putin’s Plans For New Quartet To Defeat Islamic State

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By Abdel Bari Atwan

 Syrian foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem paid a surprise visit to Moscow on Monday and was greeted, upon arrival, by both President Putin and Russian  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. What was the purpose of this visit?

We believe it has to do with the continued expansion of Islamic State (IS) which has made new gains against Assad’s Army in north west, central and southern Syria.

President Putin seems to be one of few foreign leaders to truly appreciate

Turkey’s Erdogan: Multiple Challenges From The Kurds, Domestic Politics And Syria

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Abdel Bari Atwan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is facing times of anxiety and confusion with a wide range of problems and challenges – not least the activities of the Kurdish ‘peoples protection units’ (PPK) and the Syrian Kurdish force (YPG) in the north of Syria where they are proving the most effective military resistance to the advancing forces of the Islamic State (IS). What Erdogan fears is a demand among Turkey’s own Kurdish population for an independent

Only Regional Unity Can Defeat Islamic State

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Abdel Bari Atwan

Islamic State continues to dumfound the world with a new military surge aimed at retaking Kobani, horrific massacres in Tunisia and Kuwait and an attack on a gas installation in France. A fourth attack outside IS territory seems inevitable and most Arab capitals, as well as Paris, Madrid and Rome have all raised their security status to red alert.

Paradoxically, Kuwait and Tunisia are among the most engaged states when it comes to the Syrian file having provided

Russia: Saudis Must Pray For Assad’s Survival To Confront IS

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On Wednesday, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Evgeny Lukyanov made a surprising appeal to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries telling them that they ‘should pray for Bashar al-Assad… If Assad’s regime collapses, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries will be the next targets for the Islamic State,” he said.

Lukyanov did not specify the number of ‘prayers’ or ‘rak’ahs’ which must be performed by officials in Gulf States (who

Exclusive: Jordanian Government’s Response To Sunni Tribes’ Rejection of Training/Arms

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Jordan has responded via Rai al-Youm to the furore which has arisen from King Abdullah’s announcement that the country would support and arm Sunni tribes in western Iraq and eastern Syria.

Naturally, the mere announcement of the plans which were described as ‘almost complete’ was widely construed as meaning they were already underway. Furthermore they implied that the battle would be against the Islamic State since these are the areas they currently control.


US Should Learn From Past Failures And Keep Away From Iraq [Atwan in Gulf News]

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Abdel Bari Atwan Special to Gulf News

The US should neither increase its troop presence in Iraq nor intervene militarily. America has twice tried — and failed — to reshape the country according to its own projects and principles; and has wasted $3 trillion (Dh11 trillion) and thousands of lives in the process. It is time for the people of Iraq to seek reconciliation and work together to rebuild their shattered country, allowing its future governance to evolve organically

The West Declares War on Islamic State

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The West perceives the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) as the greatest current security threat because of its relentless expansion and regular military victories in Iraq and Syria. It is remarkable that Western countries seem at a loss as to how to deal with this new titan in the ‘war on terror’. There have been more than three thousand air strikes by the US-led coalition’s warplanes but they have achieved none of their objectives and have not really challenged or weakened IS.

Wikileaks’ Saudi Cache: The Kingdom Braces Itself For Worse To Come

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ِAbdel Bari Arwan

Wikileaks have released 61,000 leaked cables, emails and other digital communications – the first part of a promised cache of half a million other documents in its possession. Wikileaks has not revealed how it obtained the documents but it is known that the Saudi government suffered a breach of its computer networks in May and this intrusion was claimed by ‘The Yemeni Cyber Army’.

The documents are from

President Morsi Execution Will Greatly Damage Egyptian Regime

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Abdel Bari Atwan

Most news about Egypt these days concerns human rights violations and an increasingly politicized judiciary. We were not surprised, then, by the confirmation, Tuesday, of the death sentence for former President Mohamed Morsi, along with five others including the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and Saad Al-katatni, the former speaker of Parliament and Dr. Essam El-Erian, deputy leader of the Brotherhood’s political front.